Jul 8, 2017

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Letter from India: THE UPSIDE DOWN VESSEL AND THE LEAKY VESSEL Respected Guruji, The great master Gampopa was a noted physician before becoming a monk. With all his vast experience and medical knowledge, he has rightly chosen ‘ physician with a chronic disease ‘as the title of the article of the subject matter for teaching lay buddhists about how Dharma practices should be. There is an old saying in English” oh ! physician heal thyself ! “. This refers to the Doctor to treat or reform himself before starting to heal others.! I think this saying also in tune with the title of this article namely, “physician with chronic disease.” (Law of interdependence”) while reading this article,I felt as though Guruji has written this keeping in his view myself !( Though I came to his contact very recently ).It is so heart touching and a powerful stimulus for me for transforming my mind at every step.! I wish to tell a

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