Oct 30, 2018

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Letter from Sai Gon: “A MOVIE” ON FEMINISM (“Bộ phim” nữ quyền)

Letter from Sai Gon: “A MOVIE” ON FEMINISM (“Bộ phim” nữ quyền)   “A MOVIE” ON FEMINISM The sunlight this morning reflects upon the glassy surface of Dau Chan Phat Pond (Buddha’s Foot Pond) casting dazzling flashes of lights resembling glittering gold blanket covering the pond. Pretty little flowers of delicate white are slightly floating upon the pond with dew drops hanging over their petals, seeming to linger there. While watching the fish gamboling in the water, a melody suddenly comes from afar: “Sparkling lake water reflects your shadow standing beside mine.  Together we take a vow.  Tantra House sows the seed of liberation in those hearts of sorrow” The Gandharva-like voice of Mat Diem (my Vajra brother) brings me back to the day of “official release” of a movie on “Feminism” on October 20, 2018 which is also the Vietnam Women’s Day. “Actors and actresses” in delicate and colorful uniforms, luxurious and professionally-built scenes, synthetic and dynamic staff who run the logistics during

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