Dec 4, 2018

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Letter from Sweden: MORE GOOD NEWS! (Thư Thụy Điển: Nối tiếp tin vui)

Letter from Sweden: MORE GOOD NEWS! I was anxious to be informed that our group would be the first one to present at the seminar on Strategic Management. This is really “bad news” for a person who has no experience in such activity like me; who had little time to read related documents and got no chance of learning experiences from other classmates. ITA ‘s Director, Master Thinley Nguyen Thanh My classmates come from different cultures, mostly from Europe and neighboring Sweden like Finland, France, German, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Netherlands, etc. The rest 40% comes from other continents like Asia, Africa and Latin America. A majority of Asian students is from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. I am the only Vietnamese student in the class. This diversity has created amazing and unique experiences. For instance, we can hear many other languages apart from English, and I myself have “picked up” some common phrases

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