Jul 19, 2021

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Letter from USA: The bridge connecting us together after many lives in this Samsara.

After a hard day’s work, I sit under a shade tree in my front yard and enjoy every drop of fresh cup of coffee. I think of Guru and his teachings on the six spiritual methods. I remember his word about the benefit of developing Bodhicitta. Guru Rinpoche Padmasambhava made the advice: “You can go into Great Path, but you cannot become the Yogi if you do not still try to practice for the sake of all beings. You can practice for the benefit of all beings, but you do not still become the Yogi if your deepest purpose is not covered by Bodhicitta. You can understand what you see, but you cannot be the Yogi if you do not focus on the success of practicing Dharma” (Advice from the Lotus – Born) and He also said: “If Yogi does not practice Bodhicitta, the Buddhist practitioner will go into the

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