May 23, 2017

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Letter from Germany: ASKING MYSELF (Tự vấn)

Letter from Germany: ASKING MYSELF (Tự vấn) Dear holy Guru My sincere thanks for teaching the Dharma and the translation. For my understanding, practicing the recitation of Buddha’s teaching is the key. We come to this world empty-handed, and we leave this world empty-handed. In this sense, we can practice the Dharma properly. Our parents our schools and much more taught us values. We learned how to suffer. We judged and condemned because our fears were our values. Our ego grew bigger. We became blind and felt that we were carrying all of this within ourselves. We wanted to be free from suffering. The Dharma taught me to think about my values ​​so far. I began to recite and I questioned my values. The Dharma helped me find my inner balance again. What is a real treasure? They are the Dharma who guide me. The true values ​​are in each of us. We have to complete them

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