Jul 4, 2017

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Letter from India: THE FLOW ON THE BODHI RIVER Respected Guruji,          Buddhism sharanam  Gachami !          Dhammam sharanam Gachami !          Sangham   sharanam  Gachami. ! Triple Gem, mentioned above is the Beacon-Light glittering and throwing light in the garden of Dharma at Song Nguyen Tantra House in the path of Enlightenment for lay Buddhists and Dharma practitioners who are in  the darkness of ignorance.           In the present article, all about” Bodhicitta ” in the practice of Tibetan Yoga is vividly dealt and made it crystal clear by  Guruji.    The word  Bodhicitta  is a Sanskrit word ( Bodhi=Buddha, citta=mind) meaning Buddha’s mind or Buddha Nature. It is not as easy as to talk or Preach to develop Bodhichitta. It needs,like the continuous flow of a river, constant regular practice of Dharma,guided by Guru in our daily Life in all our daily activities connected

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