Sep 7, 2018

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Letter from India: The means of my life, the end in happiness in my life (Phương tiện của đời tôi, cứu cánh của đời tôi)

Revered Gurujee Om Mani Padme Hum I bow before you For last four or five days I was not keeping well Due to my ill health. I was alone in my Patna house as my daughter was at Gaya, with her Father in law along with my granddaughter and her husband. In order to avoid my distress I was chanting from within the Mani Mantra in the mind and it helped me recuperate and come to my almost normal life. In this perilous condition of my health and loneliness my friend took my care like anything as she kept on chatting with me on Messenger and I did not allow me to feel alone even being in Vietnam. My Holy Guru was also in touch of me through her, he was taking account of my health and other activities. I am grateful to both for their compassionate caring and sharing

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