Apr 13, 2017

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Letter from India: The tiny ray becomes a huge light source

Letter from India: The tiny ray becomes a huge light source Respected Holy Guru, I have been going through all your articles with never ending eagerness and passion. Ever since my young age Buddha has been a role model for me. Though I do not know much about Buddhism i know lot about Buddha. His life is actually an reference for all people till the end of this world. It is much more significant in this modern world because people are bounded to various materialistic world entities. We are attached to various things such as money, love,luxury etc etc etc.It is from this attachment suffering begins.Today’s world is an example for that.People are attached to power results in wars,attached to money results in poverty.How beautiful this earth would have been if all the people followed the words of Buddha.Do your dharma without expecting anything in return.Success and happiness will come to you.After all it is our thoughts that make us who

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