Sep 12, 2015

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Letter No.134: Let nature take its course

Letter No.134: Let nature take its course Dear Disciples, Mat H. has recently confided to me happily that: “Yesterday Mat Hong Tuyen brought us some jackfruit. We are so thankful for your kindness. The jackfruit was so delicious, she did even peel away the outer layer before giving us” I asked her: “How could you know that she did?”.“I guess just from what I saw” Mat H. responded like she knew exactly the answer while the fact is that the jackfruit was peeled at Song Nguyen Tantra House’s base before being shared to different places. Did Mat H. see Mat Hong Tuyen was peeling the fruit? No. Did Mat Hong Tuyen admit that she is the one who did it? No. Then why did Mat H. jump to such a premature conclusion? It is about the subjective attitude before giving a speech, she let her mentality thinking intervene and decide

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