Apr 22, 2016

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Letter No.151: To be a true “spiritual” artist!

Letter No.151: To be a true “spiritual” artist! Letter No.156: To be a true “spiritual” artist! INTRODUCTION: Kanji is Japanese, Mat Thai Duong’s friend and he is living in America now. He wrote a comment in English to express his thinking after reading the article “What is Tibetan Yoga?”. Understand his wondering on studying Buddhism and perceiving Buddhism, I would like to have some words to clarify about this. I ask Mat Thai Duong to guide him read this letter, and Mat Dieu Hang to translate it into English for reference. This is Kanji’s comment in English (translated into Vietnamese by Mat Dieu Hang) This article gave me an opportunity of re-think about words – Yoga, enlightenment, Tantra, happy and many more. Now I’m wondering the followings: if Yoga is mandatory for people who wants to be on the pass of enlightenment. If there is anyone who actually archived “supreme happiness of nirvana / enlightenment”. Or we can

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