Aug 24, 2018

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Letter from Philippines: MANI MANTRA GIVES ME POSITIVE MOOD (Thần chú Mani giúp tôi có tâm lý tích cực)

The article’s story reminds me of what the holy guru taught me during those days of my troubled mind, the walking meditation. At first, I wasn’t that much aware of how it affects my self and things that makes me hard that times. I can honestly say that I am just doing the instructions in order for me not to get bored while walking. And I was telling my self then that it’s not that bad having recited the mantra with OM MANI on the left step, then PADME HUM on the right, instead of being occupied with things that troubles me in my mind. I was so bothered at first because I find it hard having my self talking too fast like a rapper with the steps of my feet in a normal cadence. Or, having my self too slow in walking if I’ll take my normal way of

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