Dec 30, 2018

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Letter to Disciples No.166: TEA PREPARATION (Pha trà, rót nước)

TEA PREPARATION Dear disciples! Make some tea for me! It’s impossible to drink such tea I requested but at no one. Hearing this, Mat Thuan Duc hastily came to the kitchen. Around ten minutes later, he placed a pot of tea in front of me. My thirst and the tea flavor pushed me to enjoy it. I eagerly poured out the tea. Looking at the extremely dark hue of the tea, I opened the lid of the teapot. To my surprise, tea leaves floated like a forest that almost jumped out of the pot. For over 30 years of drinking tea, I’ve never seen such a pot of tea and way of making tea!? Who did Mat Thuan Duc prepare tea for? May be no one because it was too strong and bitter, even it is Oolong! That’s why they say “Enthusiasm without wisdom results in disaster”. Do you know

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