Oct 23, 2017

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Letter to Disciples No. 229:  IMPRESSIVE HA LONG (Dấu ấn Hạ Long)

Letter to Disciples No. 229:  IMPRESSIVE HA LONG      From the entrance Outstanding words on the band roll:” Welcome to All Members of Center for Research, Practice and Application of Tibetan Yoga (Song Nguyen Tantric House) – Ha Long City, October 16, 2017″ may be not quite impressive toward the passers-by on the road which is named after the Ha Long City. It, however, laid an unforgettable imprint on the mind of members of Song Nguyen Tantric House.    From the front entrance to the lobby of the four-star Novotel Hotel and right at the front door of the seminar hall, there all had images of Song Nguyen Tantric House. There I gave a lecture on “What is Tibetan Yoga.” The hall was decorated more formally and imposingly than the Prince Resort’s we’d hired last time. I was so joyful to see you all come here, youthfully and dynamically, listening

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