Nov 9, 2017

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Letter to Disciples No 233: “OLD PATH OLD ROAD” (Đường xưa lối cũ)

Letter to Disciples No 233: “Old path  old road” Dear disciples, Lotus Flower Estrade in Song Nguyen Tantra House There still stands a great church with the echoes of the bell ringing throwing back. There is still the old alley of Cao Thang, with zigzag lines of 4 to 5 entrances, but the difference is the cement road, and many houses on both sides are more spacious. I fret with obsessive memories of “old path old road” like the same title of the pre-war music song. However, the main characters in my “old path old road” are not the mothers, the sisters but my friend’s mother and my close friends with both sad and joyful memories of the youth, and since my marriage, we have not met together. There still exits the old alley and the old woman who is 83 years old. She is called Mrs. Quet. She seems healthier

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