Jan 27, 2019

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Letter to Disciples No. 278: TO WHOM IS DHARMA TRANSMITTED? (public article) (Ai là người được truyền trao giáo pháp?)

Letter to Disciples No. 278: TO WHOM IS DHARMA TRANSMITTED? (public article) (Ai là người được truyền trao giáo pháp?)
  • Letter to Disciples No. 278: TO WHOM IS DHARMA TRANSMITTED?

Dear disciples!

Padmasambhava and 25 chief disciples

There’s a saying that goes “Sword will not be presented to those who are not swordsman. Why talk about poem if you are not a poet?” It would be useless and insipid to read or recite poem to those who do not know about poetry. Legend tells that Chinese poet of Tang Dynasty, Li Po, rarely read his poems to others even they are King because he knew that “it’s hard to understand art if one does not have knowledge of it”. Another story also tells about a general who promised to present his sword to a swordsman who could see the precious value of the sword. The general said he would give it to him after finishing military affairs. However, the swordsman had died when he returned. The general visited the grave of the swordsman and left his valuable sword on it before leaving. Similarly, we can see many Buddhist saints or progenitors who have passed away or gone without leaving a single trace after finding out a disciple who has full spiritual quality to transmit dharma. Until today, researchers do not know exactly where Tilopa had gone after transmitting the supreme dharma to Naropa, just like after Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) passed on his true dharma to his consort Sogyal Yeshe.

Milarepa is the only one who received true dharma from Marpa

Tilopa bestowed supreme dharma upon only one disciple, Naropa

Now just think that even ordinary people want to find a sidekick or confidant to present sword or recite poem for, let alone the necessity of finding a right person for dharma transmission. Level of dharma transmission also depends on the spiritual qualification of the receiver. In the past, the Buddha had many disciples from all over the ancient India. Among 1250 bhikkhus who always followed him, only ten (10) were transmitted true dharma thus they are called chief disciples. The Padmasambhava passed on true dharma to his first 25 disciples while Naropa bestowed true dharma upon only one disciple from the Land of Snow (Tibet), Marpa. Milarepa is the only one who received true dharma from Marpa. Milarepa gave true dharma to three disciples named Rechung, Gampopa and Zalthapa while the Fifth Partriach Hung-Jen of Tang Dynasty transmitted to Hui-Neng only…

Dear disciples!

Thanh Tri Master -Thinley Nguyen Thanh

Looking back at brilliant examples of the patriarchs, I feel ashamed for not having any true dharma for transmission because true dharma only originates from Buddhist saints. Nonetheless, after 25 years of study, survey, practice and application that yield fruitful results, I have created my own dharma that gives me success as you all know today, including: 

(1)  Eight dharmas of taking refuge in the Three Jewels

(2)  Smayagdrsti-prabha Samadhi

(3)  Uninterrupted offering

(4)  Lotus walking Dharani

(5)  Meditation on Bodhicitta

(6)  Five degrees of deity yoga visualization

Certificate of direct dharma transmission (So far, only the “Smayagdrsti-prabha Samadhi” has begun to be transmitted directly)

I shall not say these spiritual inventions are true dharma but they are special modes of practice of Song Nguyen Tantra House that were officially named on October 9, 2016 after several years of successfully bringing into play. Two years since the wide introduction of these practices onchanhtuduy.com, I’ve realized that they have reached those persons who are divided into following groups:

1/ Readers on chanhtuduy.com who have access to limited number of public articles

2/ Followers on chanhtuduy.com who are bestowed on Dharma (Tantric) name

3/ Disciples (members of ITA) who have taken refuge in the Three Jewels. In this context, refuge means the follower officially becomes the disciple of the master and learn dharma from him.

4/ Disciples (members) who have officially received dharma transmission in a way that the Guru directly hands on to them the certificate and documents on that “spiritual technology”. So far, only the “Smayagdrsti-prabha Samadhi” has begun to be transmitted directly. At the time I am writing this article, only one disciple has got direct transmission of this practice.

The transmission will be done based on the qualification of each group which accordingly brings them different amount of merit. For readers, it brings about only blessing while the rest three groups will get merit (from 30% to 70%). The fourth (4th) group alone will obtain 90% and have wisdom developed for getting direct dharma transmission.

“It’s easy for a student to find a teacher. But it’s hard for a teacher to find a student”

Regarding foreign readers, there has had no disciple so far but rather regular or non-regular readers. These readers are introduced by Mat Dieu Hang (my disciple). Last year, I had my articles translated into English, Korean, Japanese, Russian and Chinese after observing their spirit and attitude toward dharma. However, they’ve appeared to be lazy in reading and not truly cherished dharma lessons on chanhtuduy.comwhich I’ve clarified and simplified their profound meaning at my best. These lessons were written from my whole heart and I myself bowed before the holy image and statute of Avalokiteshvara praying to devote all merits I’ve got to those who read chanhtuduy.com.

Therefore, after my trip to Europe for survey, I planned to lock all foreign language articles by the end of 2019. However, I decided to do it sooner early this month (January 2019) because their good cause has run out but they do not show any will or endeavor to cherish what I and my disciples have done, as if they take it for granted. Then around ten foreign readers sent me an email to request a login account. However, upon my requirement for more details such as address, occupation and phone number to connect in Zalo or WhatsApp, they refused citing no smart phone or knowledge of WhatsApp. Consequently, they will not be permitted to read on chanhtuduy.com. Why so? They’ve appeared to highly praise spiritual rights they’ve obtained after reading chanhtuduy.combut they did not dare to “renounce” (willing to provide) their personal information, even just a little. Is this a clear indication that they say one thing but does another?

Mat Dieu Hang wondered whether foreign tradition tends to protect personal information. If so, they can move to other Buddhist websites to learn and practice. In their comments, they often praise that here they could learn without paying fee and gain spiritual benefits but now upon my request, they did not show “cooperative” attitude, let alone the “obedience” or “submission”. Some said they did not use WhatsApp but is it possible for them to download or ask others to help them use this app? I am a Vietnamese man who live in a developing country which is not as modern as the United States, U.K, Germany, Austria or France but I can do it, let alone them? Clearly they would find all ways out if they’re in need and vice versa, cite all excuses if they don’t need! That’s it! For a long time, I wish to sow a seed of right view and shine the light of Buddha’s wisdom to foreign readers through chanhtuduy.com, thinking that they have scientific tradition that goes in line with the spiritual dialectics in Song Nguyen Tantra House’s methodology. However, I realize that most of them are selfish, reserved and socially introverted. They still show a hesitative attitude toward a Guru of virtue and spiritual qualification, then I have no responsibility to take care of or pay attention to them. It seems the will to learn dharma and the sense of treasuring the Guru they’ve read in “Fifty verses of Guru devotion” have left without a single trace in their mind! That’s why they say “It’s easy for a student to find a teacher. But it’s hard for a teacher to find a student”, or “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. Even those who come from Western Europe, Australia, America or Africa have to obey rules and regulations of Song Nguyen Tantra House if they wish to learn dharma. I do not need these disrespectful followers. I cannot be compassionate without wisdom, thus I need to prevent them from breaking the precept: “stealing the dharma”!

Mahadeva learnt dharma in Song Nguyen Tantra House in 2018 and wished to do offering but was not accepted

I can’t put into words how touched I feel to see Vietnamese followers and disciples who are diligent, courteous, highly appreciative and obey the Guru’s teachings; how delightful they are willing to contribute to the fund for website maintenance, even they’ve donated a lot more for the development of Thanh Tri Yoga. What about foreign readers? Has the idea of fund contribution ever come across their mind? Absolutely not! They only know to acquire and request! In fact, all they need is to show their sincerity which I will delightfully accept and do not require anything from them until a branch of Song Nguyen Tantra House is established in their place. You should know that a follower named Nivadeva who came to learn dharma in Song Nguyen Tantra House in 2018 wished to offer money to me but I refused. In early 2019, Tantra Upatissa expressed his wish to do offerings but I also refused!

Tantra Mahadeva in Lien Hoa Dai (Lotus throne)

Tantra Upatissa petitioned for dharma in Song Nguyen Tantra House

Dear disciples!

If I attach this article with their emails requesting for log-in account, you may be surprised at what is often labeled on the Western culture like “courteousness”, “delicacy”, “cultured” and “civilized”…

If I attach this article with their emails requesting for log-in account, you may be surprised at what is often labeled on the Western culture like “courteousness”, “delicacy” or “civilized”, something we used to be mistaken through their romantic novels. Even they are civilized and possess advanced science and technologies, they still lag behind because of their egoism which pitifully, many Vietnamese are still praising. Cultured? Civilized? Don’t you remember that during my trip in France and Latvia, I was cheated on taxi? Restaurant service in these places are not better than the time of centrally planned subsidized economy in Vietnam (1975-1986)? Women are seen to smoke everywhere, not to mention men. Customers have no chance to take back their stuff that are forgotten in a restaurant. Small restaurant with extremely narrow seats but charging travelers at exorbitant prices. What’s more is continuous violent disturbances. Is it courteous or civilized when “having party” but refuse to say “thank you” to the host (reading article without comment)? Is it courteous or civilized if being not dare to express their own idea after reading the article about “dharma fee”? Couldn’t they write or didn’t they dare to reveal their meanness or miserliness? Many followers and disciples of Song Nguyen Tantra House have had to leave for those bad behaviors and characters.

I would end this article by praying for all sentient beings to have the sense of self-respect and respect for others so that they can avoid falling into lower realms after death.

Om ah hum phat!

A rainy afternoon on the peak of Phu Van Mountain, January 25, 2019

Thinley- Nguyen Thanh

Translated by Mat Hue Phap

  1. Dear holy Guru,
    I am happy to read this letter written by you: “letter to disciple No. 278: to whom is dharma transmitted?
    Thank you so much for your warning us to treasure the dharma and diligently practice to be bestowed the chance to be your learners or disciples in order that we can internship or practice dharma and get the dharma transmission from you. I have learnt that all learners can practice or internship or get the dharma transmission depending on their own spiritual levels and their own devotion towards Guru. The precious dharma can not be transmitted to the one who do not deserve.
    To receive transmission the disciples need to have proven that they deserved with the ultimate dharma leading to the enlightenment. It should be emphasized that the Guru confirm the disciples’ spiritual levels without also granting permission to teach or without giving transmission. Much has to do with the causes and conditions between Guru and disciple. After receiving confirmation, some disciples continue to do internship, some practice and in some cases, they receive the dharma transmission from Guru. The Guru may grant permission to disciples to practice some methods, but this would not include Dharma transmission.
    I am happy with the Vajra brother who has received Thanh Tri – The 2nd Mind Dharma: SAMYAGDRSTI- PRABHA SAMADHI. I feel sorry for those who entered the rich land in precious gems of castle chanhtuduy.com but return empty-handed due to their disrespect to the dharma and being impossible to connect Guru.
    Your teachings in this letter help remind me of treasuring the good chance to practice or internship the six marvelous practices invented by Guru when getting the permission to practice from Guru. It is due to the devotion towards Guru and the diligence in practice Pure Mind Yoga will bring practitioners the inner happiness and get successful in this life and a well-preparation for the ever-lasting bliss in next life of rebirth in The Pure Land.
    Thank you so much for your teachings and guiding us on the path to enlightenment with the six methods of spiritual practice.
    May you and your consort have a good health and live long for the sake of all sentient beings.
    I am delighted with the nice translation of Mat Hue Phap. Her English version will help many people all over the world understand the precious chance to learn from Guru and the Buddha’s teachings on chanhtuduy.com so that they have a temporary happiness this life and ever-lasting bliss next life.
    May Mat Hue Phap get all righteous wishes and get joyful on the path to enlightenment.
    May all sentient beings achieve the happiness of Buddha’s nature.
    Om Mani Padme Hum.

  2. Tantra Upatissa says:

    Dear Guru thanks for sharing this article.

    Only those who deserve and are willing to learn Dharma can get your teachings and blessings. I understand unless they corporate and provide their personal information, it would be difficult to help them to provide pure mind yoga teachings invented by Guru.

    Hope all those beings interested in learning put their best efforts and obey to Guru, so they can be provided Dharma teachings.

    May Guru and his consort live long for sake of other beings and get enlightened.

    May all beings be free from suffering and get enlightened.

    Om Mani Padme Hum..

    • Nguyên Thành says:

      I agree with you but I don’t need their information because that’s later!

      • Tantra Upatissa says:

        I understand Guru. Thank you for taking your precious time and replying to our comments.

        Om Mani Padme Hum..

  3. Mật Từ says:

    Dear Guru,

    I have read this article. I am delighted with the nice translation of Mat Hue Phap which will help many readers around the world treasure their chances to encounter Guru and precious articles on chanhtuduy.com.

    Through the article, I once again absorbed that all the common world’s standards, whether they are the so-called “a social civilization”, “superior intellectuals”, or “innovative society” have just being used as masks to cover people’s essence. Those masks are forced to fall under the light of right Dharma, it turns out that they brought a wrong receiver which cannot hold any precious Dharma quintessence. The more experiences I have been getting from studying and living in a European country, the more I came to realize all the facts that Guru has taught in the series of articles after the European trip are absolutely true. The more “disillusioned” I become at the moment about a “new horizon” of “Western social civilization”. Many of them are used to a selfish, reserved lifestyle in which they maintained closed social relations as the excuses of not getting involved in others’ and the community’s affairs. I did enjoy my great experience when I was in Vietnam during my bachelor, where we (the university and Vietnamese students as well) treated the foreign students in a friendly, open and helpful with nothing different to local students. However, in an international education environment right now, I rarely feel the friendliness and eagerness to help each other even from those European students, not even mention about helping people from other continents.

    At Song Nguyen Tantra House, it can be seen that all the foreign guests, readers who came to visit were all more than satisfied after receiving warm welcoming from the Guru and his consort. At the Spring Festival 2018 with many foreigners coming from Dubai, Srilanka, India, etc. or any other occasions such as Tantra Upatissa, an Indian couple, Mr. Kevin who had a good fortune to visit Song Nguyen Tantra House did enjoy the wonderful treat by Guru. They all left with lots of unforgettable emotions that can be read by their sharing on chanhtuduy.com. Moreover, in order to expand the reach of right Dharma and bring the benefits to more sentient beings, Guru has allowed many foreigner readers to read articles that has been translated to different languages (English, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Chinese). In many popular websites, it is hard to see this translation feature. In case the content is translated or transferred as a book content, it is for sure the reader cannot read it for free. With all those favors that they “took” for free, they could not even “give” some basic information to maintain the connection with Guru. That is to see their true colors that they are welcome to take as much as possible, but they are not ready to “give” anything. Even those things are tiny. One of the guests that has visited Song Nguyen Tantra House recently is Kevin, he shared that “..Guru is the richest person on earth not because he owns a big house, three luxury cars, and all his property but because of his generosity and kindness”. With his noble generosity and kindness, the action of closing articles and keep them away from foreigner readers is a considerate mean from Guru which not let them immerse in wrongdoings and receive bad consequences in the future.

    This article is like a wake-up call to help me reconsider my evil and narrow-minded mind. If I am not prepared to confront those evil spirits and keep taking advantage of Guru’s compassionate, I will soon terminate my spiritual destiny and lose the good fortune of meeting Guru and precious right Dharma. In those cases, I am unexpectedly content of being a hypocrite and ungrateful creature. I am really appreciated for your compassionate writing. I am praying we will keep awareness and attention to all actions of our mind, body, and speech under the light of right Dharma.

    May all the sentient beings awake in the state of enlightenment.

    May Guru and his consort live long for the sake of all sentient beings.

    Om Mani Padme Hum.

    • Tantra Upatissa says:

      I agree with you brother Mat Tu and feel good that you wrote a big comment from deep within your heart expressing your views.

      May Guru and his consort live long for other beings and get enlightened.

      May all beings be free from suffering and get enlightened.

      Om Mani Padme Hum..

  4. Aman Prakash says:
    Dear guru

    Very much thankful for this article. I bow my head on your lotus feet. I am enjoying life with a new spectacles made by you. I think life has gifted me best as you. I am continuously reading articles and use to comment everyday but it gives me funny moments when I refused to read article just thinking hard word English and also sometimes lazyness. But afterall when i started reading guru article it seems very easy,simple to understand. I thank to Mat dieu hang and mat hue phap.

    In initial day of my life,I was very much religious belief. I was mediocre student, always have diffued mind,not able to communicate to others, overthinking about what says others,not good in logistics and have quick affection towards outer world. When I grow more,I face discrimination from being in lower caste.then I used to refuse to do worship in God thinking why God didn’t help us to get rid of caste system which is coming very long ago. I accepted budhism where is no emphasis given to god but to own. I believe in equility,thuth.

    I am new learner seeking for truth. It is my fortune to have with you.

    May all sensient being attain true nature.

    Om Mani padme hum

  5. Tantra Upatissa says:

    I agree with you brother Mat Tu and feel good that you wrote a big comment from deep within your heart expressing your views.

    May Guru and his consort live long for other beings and get enlightened.

    May all beings be free from suffering and get enlightened.

    Om Mani Padme Hum..

  6. Ignacio Sanchez Gentile says:
    Dear guru

    Really nice article. I enjoy it a lot. Thank you.

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