Jun 15, 2018

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Letter from the United States of America: I FOUND MY NEW SELF (Tôi không còn là tôi của ngày hôm qua)

Dear Holy Guru, Amishuta’s painting I have been coming to your site for almost a year now, reading an article each day and sometimes even two. I love the articles and pictures attached to them both from you as well as the ones from other disciples. I have learned a lot from these articles and enjoy what I have and am learning. I love seeing your Dharma life unfold before us as well as the disciples lives. It is amazing to see the growth among this group. This is exactly why I am writing. When I first came to this site I was the cliche’ of a lost and scared little girl. I was terrified of death and even more terrified of life. I felt stuck in a rut and lost on the world. I have mentioned on other occasions my mental illnesses as well as physical illnesses and fear

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