Aug 25, 2018

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Letter from the US: THANKS TO THE HOLY GURU, I HAVE GOT THE TEACHING JOB (Nhờ Thầy con đã được đi dạy)

Dear holy Guru, Getting the confirmation of that I was hired to be an English teacher for an international school. My heart is full of joy. It is so much that I cannot express my feeling of happiness now. At the most joyful moment, I would like to share with you and I would like to express my gratitude towards the holy Guru like you who helps me overcome the difficulties in life and gives me the bright light of hope that “practicing the dharma, everything must be good”. Your words are true for me now. I have been reading articles and commenting on them for a little over a year now. Things in my life have changed drastically especially in the past few months. As Guru knows and some of you know, my physical and mental health have not been good and in the past year my physical health has

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