Nov 4, 2015

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Lesson 7: LITTLE BOM AND THE HYPOCRITE (Thằng Bờm và kẻ đạo đức giả)

Contemplation on “Fourteen Grievous Failures of a Buddhist Practitioner” Lesson 7: LITTLE BOM AND THE HYPOCRITE In his cause of propagating the Buddha’s doctrine, Master Gampopa had taught lots of monks and laymen in and outside Kagyu Lineage. He quoted passages from various sutras from which he had spiritually experienced to edify his disciples and help them put in practice. But against his wish, some disciples did not follow his teachings and fell into the hole of depression and irritability dug by “eight worldly winds” embracing gain-loss, praise-blame, fame -disrepute and pleasure-suffering. From this fact, he came to assert that:”To know the moral precepts and not apply them to the cure of obscuring passions is to be like a diseased man carrying a bag of precious medicine which he never uses; and this is a grievous failures”. The paragraph above shows us an ironical fact that one does not take precious drug

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