May 12, 2019

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  Reverend Guru, I take delight in reading your “Letter to disciples No.284: Thinking about Appellation”, from which we have a chance to contemplate what is the right appellation and what is the wrong one in the door of Buddhist Dharma. Once we get through it, could we learn and practice in accordance with the right orbit of Dharma. I would like to extend my sincerest gratefulness to you for having benevolently pointed out and cleared up misconceptions of appellations in Buddhism: 1) Wrong thought: Naming the Buddhist teacher as “Sifu” (falls in the trap of eight worldly concerns by using the name that is used in worldly subjects): “Students from Daoist temples throughout China praised their masters as “Sifu”, who is positioned higher than their parents (of course they didn’t dare to compare with the Emperor!?). Later, students of T’ai Chi called their master as “Sifu” to emphasize the

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