Aug 20, 2018

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THE MEANING AND TRUE SPIRIT OF EMPOWERMENT ( Lễ quán đảnh: Ý nghĩa và thực chất)

THE MEANING AND TRUE SPIRIT OF EMPOWERMENT Guru Rinpoche It is said that in Vajrayana, one needs empowering before practicing Dharma. So the question is whether or not other schools of Buddhism can get enlightenment without empowerment or initiation? This question arises from those who give weight to the need of empowerment. It is essential to look into the real meaning of empowerment so that the Tantric door can be widely opened. I will not tell about other Buddhist schools which have their own skillful means (upaya). But it should be emphasized that a ceremony of empowerment or Dharma transmission is necessary to practice Tantric Dharma. Empowerment or “dbang bskur” in Tibetan or “abhiseka” in Sankrit which literally means pouring water on head.  This ceremony implies the permission of listening, studying and practicing the teachings of Vajrayana. It’s not essential to be done in a solemn ceremony or in the witness of the

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