Jun 14, 2020

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Memoirs of Ha Long: FROM 3MG TO MG VINHOMES ( Lưu bút Hạ Long: Từ 3MG đến MG Vinhomes)

3MG is the name of the three-star hotel where the dharma meeting “Life is Dharma, Dharma is life” was hold at the 9th floor. This was also our accommodation place during our stay in Hai Phong City. This name might be normal elsewhere but here, it has special meaning because of the gathering of three branches of Song Nguyen Tantra House (from the cities of Hai Phong, Hanoi and Thai Nguyen). Despite the long distance, none of the members was absent at the meeting. We drove two seven-seat cars and two five-seat cars, plus the cars from Thai Nguyen Branch and Hai Phong branch, to the meeting.
This long-distance Dharma trip laid impressions on me. We smoothly departed from the central Song Nguyen Tantra House, droving along the way to the North without any obstacles. We planned to come to Hanoi first but then we changed and drove nearly 800km to Hai Phong. This decision came from two days of successful Bodhi activity in Da Nang City.
I understand that things depend on causes and conditions. In principle, Guru could come to Hanoi but this time, he went another way to Hai Phong – the city of red flamboyant. It could be seen a blessing in right place and at right time as we found 3MG hotel whose name is so familiar with every members of Song Nguyen Tantra House – ITA. In Vietnamese, the abbreviation of Tantra House is “MG”.
Two days later, Guru and us moved around 800km to Ha Long City. This is not the first time he has been here but this time, surprisingly, right after arriving at the city, he had a meal at the restaurant owed by a four-year member of ITA. The dream of a young ambitious student now has become true. The restaurant, though of modest scale, surely is the dream of many people. And so I can say that learning Thanh Tri Yoga will help members obtain more goals than just the first one.
Another incredible experience is that we also stayed in a homestay whose name is MG. The meaning of Tantra House where “Thanh Tri practitioners” gather is not simply a prediction. It has become real now.
“Song Nguyen Tantra House sets sail
Across the ocean of Dharma to the land of true eternity.”
Here, in the magnificent space of Ha Long City, where many visitors dream to visit one time in their life, we again enjoyed an atmosphere of no difference from Song Nguyen Tantra House!
Anyone who has ever watched photos and videos about or had stayed at the central Tantra House would never forget the wonderful and imposing architectural works here such as Lien Hoa Dai (Lotus platform), Ho Dau Chan Phat (Buddha’s Foot pond), Phap Van Duong (Dharma Cloud Hall), Tinh Khanh Phong (Pure Joy Room), Thanh Tri Phong (Pure Mind Room), etc. Particularly, MG café with its impressive slogan “No order here” is also found at the House.
We had a great talk with Guru with meaningful lessons. His stories showed a lively engagement between Dharma and life. The unimpeded eloquence of a Thanh Tri Yoga founder brought us laughter with joy and surprises which removed all barriers between the master and disciples, but did not lower our respect to him. In this chaos world, there still have Gurus who vow to help the sentient beings by crossing over 2,000km to give sermons, wrote six articles in English during the trip and hold dozens of talks at café shops to introduce Dharma and life lessons.
MG – Tantra House continuously gives an imprint on the unlimited spreading over the time and space. Just within a short time, hundreds of readers inside and outside the country have taken part in the forum (chanhtuduy.com), which is seen as a means to overcome all hardships in life and reach for a new horizon. Members of Hai Phong branch shared with us about their hardship before meeting Thanh Tri Yoga and achievements after their learning and practice this yoga. We all surprised at the success of Mat Dinh Thuan – Mat Khue Minh couple with a house at VINHOME (a luxurious residential complex) and a desirable work; or Mat Hoang Dang-Mat Khanh Lien who now own an imposing four-storey building. Chanhtuduy.com has inspired many worldly scholars, bringing remarkable changes to their life. Tantra Uppatissa has finally been free from the 20-year haunting of insomnia while Tantra Sutradaka got positive changes in his works. This no longer are random but obvious changes towards Thanh Tri learners.
It’s not an exaggeration to say that “MG” will continue to have wonderful manifestation in a near future. It’s time to reap the fruit from the seed we’ve sown. The light of right view is unending as it converges all favorable causes and conditions and the support of countless number of sentient beings. Why it that? Because of Guru’s unceasing Bodhi activities, from the practice of read and comment to the generation of Bodhicitta through 16 daily activities. Each practice that heads towards the innumerable number of the sentient beings will get back the immeasurable blessings. No need of pompously bragging like some establishments or individuals, who act to polish themselves, just bartering a wish-fulfilling gem for a pile of goat dung – a grievous failure as warned by Master Gampopa.
Now, as I was staying at a large and separate apartment, cooled down by two air conditioners, at the time when the heat wave reached its climax in northern region. I could feel the wonder of faith and the strength of Guru’s and Yidam’s blessings and benedictions, which could not be perceived by mundane eyes. Look at the change each day to feel the value of the present life as well as the benefits of Thanh Tri practice. Although some of us still face difficulties but we do believe we will overcome, overcome in the spirit of a victor, of a member of ITA, of a disciple who follows the brilliant example of Guru – the founder of Thanh Tri Yoga Thinley Nguyen Thanh.
I treasure each and every opportunity to stay close to him. Every dharma activities have laid unfading impression on me. Witnessing unexpected magical wonder during the trips, I realize that Bodhi actions, which may face many rocks on its way, are like the water flowing from its source, finally still reach the ocean.
I thank you for giving us precious opportunities to stay close to you and we forever keep in mind your teachings. It must be a rare chance for us to see the coincident appearance of MG as we did witness in this memorable trip.
Om Mani Padme Hum!
Written in Ha Long City on June 14, 2020.
Disciple Mat Nhi Khang



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