Dec 26, 2017

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THE MEMORABLE CHRISTMAS EVE (Đêm Giáng sinh đáng nhớ)

THE MEMORABLE CHRISTMAS EVE (Đêm Giáng sinh đáng nhớ) Dear Holy Guru, Today is the Christian holiday Christmas. In the Christian religion, they celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ who is said to be the son of God. As the ages have grown, the celebration has added fictitious or not so fictitcious figures such as Santa Clause, Who is named after a true Christian saint, named Saint Nicholas. He was a very religious fourth-century bishop of Myra who was very faithful to his religion. Soon the celebration of Saint Nicolas became saint Nick ( Santa Claus ) giving presents to all those who were good boys and girls. The Roman Catholics believed that Mary, the mother of God, was impregnated by God himself and had immaculate conception. Carrying the son of God and raising him as a carpenter with her husband Joseph. Believing that Mary was born without sin. Lotus Flower Estrade in Song Nguyen Tantra House Hispanic Catholics celebrate, the

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