Dec 24, 2015

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More about Lesson 9: THINKING ABOUT ALMSGIVING, CHARITY AND OFFERINGS TO TRIRATNA (Vài cảm niệm về bố thí, từ thiện cho tha nhân, cúng dường Tam bảo)

Contemplation on “Fourteen Grievous Failures of a Buddhist Practitioner” More about Lesson 9: THINKING ABOUT ALMSGIVING, CHARITY AND OFFERINGS TO TRIRATNA  To my holy Guru, I really rejoice over reading your sermon. Apart from a clear, better understanding about the meaning of almsgiving, offering and charity, I also know how to act in a righteous manner to avoid being fallen into one of fourteen serious failures as taught by Master Gampopa. Almsgiving, offering and charity are a practice of saving sentient beings. A clear and thorough perceiving of the practice will lead to effective actions. However, a majority of Buddhists do without discerning the importance and holiness of the practice, but act from mercenary motive instead, from both the offerer and the beneficiary. This is commonly known as “win-win situation”, or a worldly business transaction in other words. Personally, I have some thinking about the act of offering. A Buddhist,

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