Sep 24, 2013

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MY FIRST MEETING GURU (Lần đầu gặp Thầy)

MY FIRST MEETING GURU (Lần đầu gặp Thầy) I’ve known my guru through the co-religionist, Mat Kinh, as friend that I’ve known for not too long. I still remember that Mat Kinh and I went out for a drink and I was told a little about her Guru. Without the slightest hesitation, I expressed my looking forward to meeting him.Right a day after, I had a good chance to meet my Guru at Tantra’s House (Mat Gia Song Nguyen). In front of me is my Guru having a kind and upright appearance in a simple religious suit, with pepper-and-salt hair and a kind-hearted face, together with the brothers of Mat Gia Song Nguyen. Sitting down, I talked with them in a harmonious and cozy atmosphere. On 18th August, 2013, I was initiated into Buddhism with religious name Mat Tu. My co-religionists as well as me have been given Buddhistic discourses staggered with real stories, sometimes with jokes, which

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