Sep 12, 2018

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NEAR OR CLOSE TO These days Tet atmosphere (Vietnam’s Traditional Lunar New Year) weaves its way through every corner of the street. Tet flowers are sold in many places and trade fairs are being set up in central squares. This time is called “cận Tết” (near-Tet) season. What does “cận Tết” mean? “Cận” is Sino-Vietnamese language which means “near” or “close”. It also refers to short-sightedness or myopia, i.e a person can only clearly see objects that are close to them. Many people in Song Nguyen Tantra House suffer from this very common eye condition, including me. There is a folk saying that “A man is known by the company he keeps”, referring to good or bad relationship in the society. The value of “cận” (near/close) is also highlighted in the neighborhood relationship like “Better is a neighbor who is near rather than a brother who is far away”; or in

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