Jan 5, 2018

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NEW YEAR 2018: RESPONSE TO READERS (Đôi lời đáp từ bạn đọc)

NEW YEAR 2018: RESPONSE TO READERS (Đôi lời đáp từ bạn đọc) Over the past year, a variety of readers have visited our website chanhtuduy.com and many of them have expressed their willingness to “settle” permanently. Duy Ma Cat castle chanhtuduy.com warmly welcomes all those who have the spirit of “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” (when coming to Song Nguyen Tantra House, adapt to our disciplines and customs). Despite of being long-termed readers or new comers, being in Vietnam or other countries, you are all treated fairly and equally when you are stepping into Tantric Buddhism’s door. Only one thing always inscribed in our mind is to thank the readers who have come, visited, and stayed or just walked around and then left our WordPress. Lotus Flower Estrade Now, on New Year’s Day 01/01/2018, I sincerely send to the readers of chanhtuduy.com wishes for a new year filled with peace, happiness and prosperity. In the year of 2017 in

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