Sep 7, 2018

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Again the old story of vegetarians and non-vegetarians!?

Hon’ble Dhamma Guru, Thank you very much for this meaningful aticle. What was the object of the Buddha in creating the Bhikkhu? Or was his object to create a social servant devoting his life to service of the people and being their friend, guide and philosopher? This is a very real question. On it depends the future of Buddhism. If the Bhikkhu is only a perfect man he is of no use to the propagation of Buddhism because though a perfect man he is a selfish man. If, on the other hand, he is a social servant he may prove to be the hope of Buddhism. Once the Blessed Lord said, the Sangh was like the ocean, and the Bhikkhus were like the rivers that fell into the ocean. The river has its separate name and separate existence. But once the river entered the ocean, it lost its separate name

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