Aug 8, 2016

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ONE LIFE, ONE MANTRA – 5. THE EFFICIENCY OF MANI MANTRA (Tướng trạng của thần chú Mani)

Many Tantric practitioners keep reciting six syllables mantra for their whole lives by a consistent loyalty and boundless devotion to Avalokiteshvara. Once the faith has developed to an enough extend, there is not necessary for further detailed exploration about Mani mantra. However, in order to help the beginning practitioners who have just decided to follow Buddhism is having an easier walk on the path of diligence and wisdom; in this writing; we will expound the meaning of Mani mantra. Mani mantra has six syllables, each has its own meaning and efficiency. While reciting this mantra, those syllables shall plait into a flower garland which decorates for the liberation. We are now coming into details of the meaning. In Tibetan Buddhism view, Mani mantra is understood by separate graphology as below: OM, meaning body, speech and mind impure into the unity of Buddhism. MANI, meaning the liking jewel which generates from

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