Dec 25, 2017

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PRAYING AS AN APPROACH TO ENLIGHTENMENT THROUGH DAILY ACTIVITIES (Cầu nguyện như một phương thức tiếp cận giác ngộ bằng hoạt động thường ngày)

 PRAYING AS AN APPROACH TO ENLIGHTENMENT THROUGH DAILY ACTIVITIES   Lotus Flower Estrade Prayers are not only performed in holy spaces or urgent situations but also applied in daily activities as the way to approach enlightenment.   The legend tells that long, long ago, King Pasenadi asked the Buddha: “I wish to practice Buddhist Dharma without neglecting State affairs. But there are so many need-to-be-done works that prevent me from concentrating on the practice. What should I do?”   The Buddha taught: “It should be admitted that kings are being burdened by responsibilities and obligations, thus hardly could they focus their mind on the practice. Therefore, let do all things with Bodhicitta. If you perform your duties with Bodhicitta, things will go on well and become means that lead you to enlightenment.”   The Buddha and King Pasenadi The Buddha then gave him some simple illustrations:   “When you get

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