Nov 6, 2017

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PRAYING (PART 6):  TO WHOM DO WE PRAY? (Đối tượng cầu nguyện là ai?)

PRAYING (PART 6):  TO WHOM DO WE PRAY?   OBJECT OF PRAYER   Lotus Flower Estrade in Song Nguyen Tantra House It will be particularly beneficial to take refuge in an emanation of spiritual power if you want to achieve your prayers more easily. Therefore, stay focused on the image of the Great and Glorious Guru Rinpoche of Oddiyana who you show highest trust and respect to– that is Padmasambhava or Noble Avalokiteshavra (Kuan – Yin). Remember he is the emanation of all valuable sources of refuge. With single-pointed mind and fervent devotion, pray to fulfill your wishes.   Padmasambhava Like a mother who always loves her only child, waiting for his prayer all day and night for a chance to save him from distress. But how can she if the child just vanishes into the blue? Likewise, praying helps us send signals calling for protection and blessing from the

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