Nov 27, 2017

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Praying (Part 7): WORDS OF WISDOM LEAD TO ACHIEVEMENTS (Cầu nguyện: Lời vàng thành tựu)

Praying (Part 7): WORDS OF WISDOM LEAD TO ACHIEVEMENTS APPROPRIATE PRAYERS: WORDS OF WISDOM LEAD TO ACHIVEMENTS Mat Hai prayed in a session of Dharma practice In previous parts (1-4), I have introduced classic prayers fixed in texts and scriptures that become familiar with generations of practitioners. They are words of wisdom that lead to achievement. But there also exist non-scripture prayers which mean words proposed naturally from the heart of a Tantric practitioner. Whether or not these words may lead to achievement depends on his endeavor, i.e his sincerity, devotion and compassion (for sentient beings). Accordingly, his wishes are proposed to the Yidam (the visualized deity of each practitioner) based on his own situation and condition and on happenings in the past, at present and in the future. For many years, members of Song Nguyen Tantric House have been doing such form of prayer during their meditation session which

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