Nov 21, 2013

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PREDESTINED AFFINITY (Mối duyên tiền định)

Almost all of people have set quality standards for every thing, from small to big things and events in their lives. Supposing, a young boy definitely have experienced a time in his life putting head on the clouds with the imagination of his standard wife: she must own a black long hair, a single-eyelid and her skin is as white as snow. One day, his real girl with no “Photoshop” effects comes with the main color both in hair and skin is brown and she wears a pair of glasses that he cannot realize how many eyelids she really has. But strangely, this does not mean that his life is painted with brown together with her hair color, it is still in pink color. Why? Have you ever experienced the feeling of love at first sight? I am implying the “Love” here with the extensive meaning with friendship and other

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