Jul 25, 2017

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About the Realms of Demons – LESSON 7: “BLACK WHEN NEAR THE INK…” (“Gần mực thì đen…”)

About the Realms of Demons – LESSON 7: “BLACK WHEN NEAR THE INK…” (“Gần mực thì đen…”) The hungry demons have ugly and disgusting bodies, the powerful demons have stately appearances but all of them have same characters which are greedy and tendency to harm others. People who are not true Dharma practictitioners, do not take refuge in Triratna, do not keep or observe any percepts, should not pay reverence to any demons, even to high-level demons. Why? Because demons tend to possess statues in order to enjoy the smell from offering foods. Sometimes, they may possess someone who are doing ceremony of paying reverence to them or to anyone who worshipped them or asked them for help. Even  you only concentrate on looking at the statue of demon with enjoyment or pleasure that will make a good condition for them to possess you. Recently, these cases are exemplified by an article mentioned about the victim whowas a 20 year-old young lady, her name is Jessica Curphey.

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