Sep 21, 2015

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Refusal the uninvited guests

Refusal the uninvited guests As the Buddhist practitioners, every day, we use the mantra broom to sweep out the consciousness’s house.  In the parallel with that, we try not to collect garbage without cleaning the garbage.  But how to identify the consciousness’s garbage that refuse ,  while its small subtle, so that the scientists use the microscope without impossible to see? Some practitioners of Buddhism and external  Buddhist use only one  way to avoid the pollution environment.  Such as, it is said that in the market,  at home so easily to collect the garbage of consciousness so they come into the temple to avoid. Or others said that in the bustling city, prosperous so they hide in the mountain to avoid the social communication.  However, it’s so hard to do because their consciousness  are disturbed by delusion ( present, past, future ) . In the “Knowing the Better Way to Live Alone” sutra, Buddha has

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