Apr 11, 2017

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ROSES and LOVELOCKS (Hoa hồng và ổ khóa)

ROSES and LOVELOCKS This bridge is called “Lovelock Bridge” There are many locks hanging around the bridge called “Lovelock Bridge” (see the photo). A woman is sitting  on the bridge. She sells many kinds of locks with various colors and different sizes. The lovers or couples who are in love are advised to buy the lock and write their names  on it and then lock it on the Bridge in order  to have a long lasting love. There are many people who believe in such a funny story. So ridiculous! In the past, there was a poor painter who loved a singer. Knowing she loved flowers, he sold the house to buy millions of roses. Waking up early, she was surprised with the bright red field filled with roses when she looked out of the window. There was a boy waiting for her with a bouquet of roses. Millions of roses

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