Jan 30, 2013

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SAMSARA (Vòng luân hồi)

SAMSARA (Vòng luân hồi) Last Friday, when I came back from work . As the usual my pet with name NaNa ,that the lovely dog who stayed with my family in 8 year , would be wag the tail and would come behind me. But that day, the dog was death when he ran into the street. That day, I thought lot, even I knew that would be the impermanence. And thought that where would he gone ? Maybe he would be reborn and become animal again or he would be reborn to become  human being after he paid all the karmic in the past. But he still in the samara and  cyclic existence, the recurring cycle of death and rebirth with one or other of the six realms. It also refers to the contaminated aggregates of a sentient being. My dog remind me a story that so impressed me lot, a story about

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