Sep 18, 2015

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Something about the bravery in Buddhism (Vài cảm niệm về cái dũng của người tu)

Paying homage to my compassionate Guru. I have heard the talks from Dakini – Mat Dieu who presented on “the boundary of renunciation”, and from the vajra brother Mat Nga as well as your teachings of practicing the Buddha’s right view. I feel very fortunate to be followed the footsteps of my Guru on the path to enlightenment and to be among with dharma fellow in Song Nguyen Tantra house. And I recognized that the true Buddhist needs the qualities of Great Compassion and Wisdom as well as Bravery. Because of fear and ego, the Buddhists “run with the hare and hold with the hounds” From taking the refuge, all Buddhists make a vow “Having taken refuge in the Buddha, I should not worship any gods who are still bound within the cycle of samsara.” However, there are many Buddhists still worshiping the gods with many rituals of burning votive

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