Nov 25, 2018

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THE SPIRITUAL MYOPIA (Cận thị tâm linh)

THE SPIRITUAL MYOPIA I was patiently and calm sitting to wait for my eyeglasses to be fixed when a woman near me is complaining about the long service of the repair shop. She said, “So long! How miserable to be shortsighted.” But I don’t think really it is. If only there are skilled workers to repair the eyeglasses and there are no clients to keep on coming, then maybe we can have the eyeglasses be repaired faster. I can say that only those who have a myopic eyes can understand the difficulty of having a short sightedness. If you are not wearing eyeglasses, everything around you appears blurred and you will be out of focus and  easily misguided. Things, phenomenas and sceneries are no longer clear and vivid when you are having a myopia. You can see shadows but you cannot specify what exactly they are, it tends you to

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