Jun 4, 2020

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Modern cities often light up at night, making the most ordinary things sparkling,

even from old houses with moss-grown roofs, degraded apartment buildings to narrow,
crummy alleys. Likewise, we may be highly educated or illiterate, rich or poor, manager
or worker, but the light Buddha’s wisdom will radiate out from all of us if we are fully
equipped with right view (sammaditthi). This is call “quang minh” or “prabha” or
“brilliant light”, of which “quang” means light and “minh” means brilliant. The heathen
though having practiced for hundreds or thousands of kalpas are merely reborn into
the realm of form (Rupadhatu) where is filled with this kind of light. Residents of this
realm who have achieved samadhi and attained from the first to the fourth Dhyana level
will exude more brilliant light. We are just ordinary Thanh tri yogis who have neither
attained any samadhi nor Dhyana but we are more than capable of emitting the brilliant
light of Buddha’s wisdom thanks to right view. Never in their wildest dreams would the
heathen can envision this possibility!

Furthermore, heretic practitioners like clergyman, pastor and priest may look imposing, gentle or kind-hearted, but they do not have such light of wisdom on their face. Just like a heretic yogi who may have an imposing and stately appearance but their mien does not reveal any light of wisdom, which only appears on Buddhist practitioners’ who fully and completely obtain right view.
From this point on, we should know that only a full and complete comprehension of right view will give us a radiant light of wisdom. A “full” means a high accumulation or a lot while “complete” means overall. Quite a few people simply have “full” of right view such as chanting sutra, reciting mantra, giving alms, making offerings, reciting Buddha’s name, meditating… but they fail to get “complete” comprehension of right view for lacking one of three or four aspects, including right views on worship, reverence, viewpoint and liberation. That’s the reason why they just “exude” the light of compassion rather than of wisdom.
Now come to the process of accumulating (equipping) a full and complete right view to get brilliant light of wisdom. In Part 5, we’ve already known that reading on chanhtuduy.com will bring you part, whole part and a total of right view from over 2,400 articles which are all purely and consistently in alignment of the Buddha’s path of liberation. Our sermons are written on the basis of sacred teachings of Enlightened beings, not from our own subjective mind. This is the reason why Song Nguyen Tantra House has conquered many heathens in debates in defense of Buddha-Dharma. Hence, reading on chanhtuduy.com is a form of chanting sutras without sitting on a fixed sacred place, especially in this new era of 4.0 when people are getting busier with their jobs than previous centuries.
Therefore, I should remind you that just like chanting sutras, reading articles (sermons) on chanhtuduy.com to know their content without understanding the meaning will give you blessings which bring you wealth in next life if you are reborn into human realm. Similarly, reading and understanding the meaning of the article will bring you merits which help you be reborn into the Pure Land of Amitabha Buddha. Reading and understanding implications of the article will open your wisdom which helps you on the performance of application Bodhicitta in the future. These are reflected on part or whole part of your comment in each article. Some comments that did not present their own thinking thus only collect blessings are of Mat Tuan Giac, Mat Tuan Nguyen and others in Song Nguyen Tantra House-Quang Hai Branch. Such passive approach has prevented them from getting merits but still brought them great blessings for having “observed Guru’s teachings”. Gradually, their self-awareness will arise and they know to write longer like the case of Mat Thuy. Similar cases are known as Mat Diem, Mat Duc, Mat Phuoc, Mat Ngu, Mat Phung, Mat Thieu and especially Mat Ba whose perceptive knowledge has increased remarkably after certain years of reading and commenting on the site.

After reading the article (sermon), the reader briefs its main content and gives their opinion or argument. These two actions (read and comment) will help them accumulate greater merits, for the fact that reading the article means chanting sutras in a simple way that engage in worldly life while doing comment means expounding Dharma or in other words, sharing spiritual experiences, just like a “perfect meal”. The comment is a mirror that naturally reflects the reader’s effort for they write what they think or contemplate, which is a way to express their right view through right words (in the form of writing), right action (working for liberation) and finally right mindfulness. Therefore, a practitioner reads and comments the article (sermon) means he is practicing four out of eightfold path at the same time as well as two spiritual activities (worship, penitence, prayer, almsgiving, sutra chanting, dharma expounding, recitation of Buddha’s name, recitation of mantra, meditation..). Just like using flintstone to make fire, the practitioner cultivating right diligence by regularly reading and making comments in a mindful way will naturally radiate the light of wisdom at different levels depending on the length of time, calling as “Samyagdrsti-Prabha Samadhi”, i.e a right view that is imbued with brilliant light of Buddha’s wisdom. Now the mien of the practitioner will reveal naturally. He comes into the stage where he gets respected by his light of wisdom. He turns out strong ripples of light (radiation biology) which are able to lay impacts on and get respect from other people. Once the practitioner is fully equipped with right view, he will accordingly get the light (prabha) which is capable of attracting good karma or unexpected favorable conditions though being in troubled times. Nonetheless, in order to turn that “light” (prabha) into “samadhi”, i.e. weaving three waves of lights into a gem that radiates far and wide at night. The practitioner will live in right view and do dharma activities with right view, which are all used as the Prajna boat to reach the shore of enlightenment. Please read the next part (7).

May all sentient beings be suffused with the light of Buddha’s wisdom.
Om mani padme hum!

A rainy afternoon on the peak of Phu Van Mountain, January 15, 2019
Thinley- Nguyen Thanh

Thanh Tri Master Thinley – Nguyen Thanh

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