Aug 11, 2020

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THANH TRI – THE 4TH MIND DHARMA: “LOTUS WALKING DHARANI”. LESSON 2: TYPICAL PRACTICE OF MANTRA IN THE 4TH MIND DHARMA ( Luận giải về đệ tứ tâm pháp Thanh Trí “Liên hoa bách bộ thần chú đà la ni”, Bài 2: Hoạt động đặc trưng của thần chú trong đệ tứ tâm pháp)

Before going into the main point, I would like to emphasize the typical characteristics of mantra as follows: Mantra can only be found in Buddhism. I did clarify this point in two argument articles with Dr. of Philosophy Thich Nhat Tu one year ago; however, he still couldn’t give any responses yet. Why does Mantra exist only in Buddhism? That is because mantra is the nature and essence of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas and was composed from the state of Samadhi by the fully enlightened ones who achieved “Asravaksaya-jnana” (ability to extinct all cankers or afflictions, even the subtlest). Non-Buddhism meditation practitioners are able to achieve the first degree of Dhyana to the eighth degree of Thoughtlessness (which means those who achieved from the first stage to the stage of neither thinking nor not thinking are still attached in samsara); while Buddhist practitioners’ meditation result goes beyond the

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