Nov 28, 2018

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THE MODERN SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGY (Công nghệ tâm linh hiện đại)

Respected Guruji, I bow my head at your lotus feet. In Song Nguyen Tantra House Spiritual factory also Guruji has  introduced a new technology of Buddha Dharma practices to suit the modern times and people, which is an amalgamation of old and new techniques like : * Eight Dharma methods of taking refuge in the Three Jewels * Meditation on Bodhicitta *Uninterrupted Charity *Samyagdrishti prabha samadhi *Lotus walking Dharani *5 degrees of Chenrezing of meditation and Dharani etc.  Which lead to Enlightenment. Guruji’s wish to become a Guard is fulfilled in becoming a Spiritual ‘ Guard ‘ for ‘ Triple Gem’ and Right View.! Guruji’s patriotism for his mother land is highly appreciated by reading his quotes: ” Vietnamese love Vietnamese goods.” “Foreigners love Vietnamese goods ” Lotus Flower Estrade at Song Nguyen Tantra House It is a pleasure to see the Guruji and his disciples in anticeptic white uniform

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