Feb 25, 2019

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The Praise – Blame Winds (Ngọn gió khen chê)

The Praise – Blame Winds (Ngọn gió khen chê) The Praise – Blame Winds Having been living in HCM city for quite some time, I have had the opportunity to observe the pace of life in this metropolitan; and here are what I have witnessed. A corner of Ho Chi Minh City at night Following a narrow alley, crossing ten rental units with clotheslines and soggy, fusty garments hanging along the sides, I have finally arrived — this is the shelter of the workmen at Tân Bình industrial zone. The units were about eight to ten square meters on average, restroom included. Their belongings scattered the floor, mosquito-nets hanged all-over. The room I entered belonged to three lads. They have lived here for two years. I stopped and stared at the poems scribbled on the wall… “Life is good when wine filled the jug Carved your name on the neck, wings and head of the chicken.” “Avoid love, save

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