Dec 20, 2019

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The hand-writing poem of prayers by Tantra Nirvadeva

I am happily surprised when getting the hand-writing poem of prayers by Tantra Nirvadeva,  CH Lakshminarayan,  an 81 year-old doctor,  who examined about 5,000 lamas in India and met many monks. Reading the hand-writing paper by the old man with many experiences in life and Dharma,  the emotional feelings come to me and some tears are about to drop.

O ! , Holy Guru, Thinley Nguyen Thanks  !
Praiseworthy your Buddha Vihara, Song Nguyen Tantra House
Beauty of Nature! Encapsulated with greenery of Orchard !
An abode of peace! and a beacon light for Liberation !
Glittering illumination of Vimalakirthi’s Room and surroundings vanishing
the darkness of ignorance show the path to Enlightenment !
Man’s material gain feels shy here before the abundant Spiritual wealth !
Disciples feel hungry and thirsty for spiritual gain and
Not for their biological needs of craving for food and water !
Cool breeze here Washing away their defilements, inspire for Dharma
Flowers in the orchard teach passersby spiritually
Enjoy beauty and fragrance sans touch and hurt as in ladies.
Pet cats beside Guru, give joy with their circus play on him
While teaching others be happy and make other happy like us!
Look! Tortoise in the pond, demonstrates spiritual teaching
How to withdraw the external sense inside and meditate!
Whenever danger of temptation and desire touch the mind!
Thus the rain of Bodhicitta showers in the land of Yoga!
A layman enters Tantra House as a Caterpillar worm, emerges out as a
beautifully transformed free Butterfly of true Bodhisattva
guided by Tantra Guru thus purifying his mind in Tantra House !
‘Chanhtuduy’ is the Spiritual bridge of your construction which connects
true Dharma practitioners all over the globe !
And a Vehicle to spread the teachings of Guruji worldwide !
Thyself is a Guru who knows what is needed to be known !
Thyself is a Guru who renounced what is needed to be renounced !
Thyself is a Guru who practices Dharma what is needed to be practiced !
OH ! the great Guru of Vietnam, Thinley Nguyen Thanah ji !
Thou are the matchless mine of Spiritual Knowle And a Vehicle to spread the teachings of Guruji worldwide !
Thyself is a Guru who knows what is needed to be known !
Thyself is a Guru who renounced what is needed to be renounced !
Thyself is a Guru who practices Dharma what is needed to be practiced !
OH ! the great Guru of Vietnam, Thinley Nguyen Thanah ji ! dge !
Therefore,we the humble devotees and disciples pray and praise you as the
embodiment of Buddha Himself to bless all sentient beings and lead kindly Light
in the path of Enlightenment!
Om Mani Padme hum.
—–Tantra Nirvadeva
( Dr C H Lakshminarayan )

Tantra Nirvadeva

My English and my understanding about poetry are  not good enough to translate perfectly this poem into Vietnamese. I only translate the content of his poem. If Vajra brother Mat Kien translated it into Vietnamese,  we would have the wonderful version in Vietnamese.

The doctor has met many Lamas,  Masters and he always makes devotion towards Guru Thinley Nguyen Thanh in Vietnam whom he has never met in person. The devotion and praises are from the doctor who has profoundly understood about Buddha’s sutras; has met various Lamas,  Masters from India,  Tibet. ect; has made argument with the disciples and learners in Song Nguyen Tantra House nationwide and worldwide. These praises and devotion are from the true practitioner who understood “to rely on the Dharma,  not merely on any persons.”,  “to rely on the complete teaching, not on partial teaching.” (the teaching from the “dharma as life” articles on

The doctor has met many Lamas,  Masters and he always makes devotion towards Guru Thinley Nguyen Thanh in Vietnam

His seeing Guru as the second Buddha has been mentioned in comments many times and in this poem, too. In my opinion, his statement is completely right. The six spiritual inventions by Guru Thinley Nguyen Thanh are unique and merge with the flow of Buddhas. Guru’s inventions help normal people to become the noble position of true practitioners on the path of Bodhisattva. And he feels that Song Nguyen Tantra House is like Buddha Vihara,  where is “An abode of peace! and a beacon light for Liberation !”

To be honest,  I highly appreciate his devotion to Guru, not only through his sincere comments, but also through his actions of showing his heartfelt respect to Guru on his Facebook regularly. Guru’s pictures with his sincere praises for Guru’s wisdom and Bodhichitta spreading all the corner of the Saha world to benefit all sentient beings are often posted and stand the top of his Facebook. For instances,
“Namo the great Guru of Song Nguyen Tantra House at Vietnam.”
“Great Guru of Vietnam ”
“I bow my head at the feet of my Guruji of Song Nguyen Tantra House, Vietnam “
“The great Guru of Song Nguyen Tantra House in Vietnam
Words are insufficient to express and applause the Bhodicitta of my Guruji! It is a great feast to the eyes of onlookers who are swimming in the ocean i spirituality and walk in the path of Enlightenment to see the Heavenly appearance of the recently renovated and decorated the present scenario of the Song Nguyen Tantra House at Vietnam !
Imagine the selfless efforts taken and the stress and strain encountered and money spent in that manover only to make others happy in the intresin of altruism.! Not for his luxurious pleasure and personal benefits. It speaks of his inherited Bodhicitta.!
I have understood that Guru is always humble and he always tells us not to use the honorific words to express our gratitude and devotion to Guru,  but “good wine needs no bush”,  Guru’s compassion, wisdom and virtue are obvious to see and know. Tantra Nirvana’s thoughts about Guru are completely objective and honest because he has never met nor talked to Guru in person. Therefore, today I would like to share with you the mind flower of a learner from India becoming more beautiful under the gorgeous light of right view shining from the source of Guru’s Bodhichitta and wisdom in order that we,  Guru’s disciples and learners,  feel prouder and treasure more the chance to follow Guru on the path of enlightenment. In spite of the change of time,  the geographic distance of nations or of any appearances, Guru’s compassion, Bodhichitta and wisdom pervades every direction as the teaching of Buddha in  Dhammapada as follows:
The perfume of flowers blows not against the wind,
nor does the fragrance of sandalwood, tagara and jasmine
but the fragrance of the virtuous blows against the wind;
the virtuous man pervades every direction. — 54
Hanoi, 19th December 2019
Mat Dieu Hang



  1. Tantra Mishataru says:
    Dear Tantra Nirvadeva, I am so honoured by the your praise towards our Dearest Holy Guru. Our Guru is our light towards Enlightenment and also is same as Buddha. I cherish my Guru for inspiring me and cultivating good fruits towards us his disciples and allover the globe. His teachings are marvellous and open the ways where its blocked in our life. Kindly I will pay attention and learn from him the etiquettes of life too.

    Dear Guru, I bow my head to your lotus feet.

    May you live longer for sake of all sentient beings.

    Om Mani Padme Hum.

  2. Tantra Sagovana says:
    Dear Guru,

    My name is Tantra Sagovana.

    Thank you for sharing this article.

    In this article Mat Dieu Hang explains about Tantra Nirvadeva’s devotion to Guru.

    A true Guru is like a wish-fulfilling jewel. Through our sincere devotion all our legitimate desires can be fulfilled as well as we are safely led to the other shore of Enlightenment.

    To have a human rebirth is rare, to encounter the Dharma is even rarer, and to learn Dharma under a true Guru is an extremely rare and fortunate occurrence so we must make the best use of this opportunity to seek liberation.

    Our Guru is a good guide on the Path to Enlightenment, a Sage of the Mahayana who has his own Bodhimandala Song Nguyen Tantra House and a modern Vimalakirti room

    As Ashvagosha says in his Fifty Verses of Guru Devotion our Guru is not different from Buddha Vajradhara himself, and as Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche says in The Guru Drinks Bourbon we should regard the Guru as our own Buddha.

    Taking Refuge in Guru, Buddha, Dharma, Sangha I aspire to be reborn in the Western Pure Land of Amitabha Buddha in my next life.

    May my Dharma practice be fruitful.

    May Mat Tinh Phap overcome difficulties in this life and be successful in the future.

    May all sentient beings be healthy and well and be free from suffering.

    May Guru be healthy and live long for the benefit of all beings.

    Om Mani Padme Hum.

    Tantra Sagovana (Ahmed Khan)

  3. Tantra Upatissa says:
    Dear Guru thanks for sharing this article. Also thanks to Tantra Nirvadeva for beautifully explaining the meaning of poem by showing our Guru’s good qualities in it. Tantra Nirvadeva respect to our Guru deep within his heart makes me feel so happy and it touches my heart. May Tantra Nirvadeva’s good wishes come true.

    May Guru and his consort live long for sake of other beings.

    May all beings be free from suffering and get enlightened.

    Om Mani Padme Hum.

  4. tantra mahavita says:
    Dear Guru:
    Words do not have the power to appreciate the meaning of the word “Devotion” … When we find a Guru that is like a jewel that fulfills all desires. That can lead us safely to the other side of the Illumination. As Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche says in The Guru drink Bourbon, we consider our Guru as our own Buddha. He teaches and inspires us with his wisdom and compassion and through the room of Vimalakirti the sacred Dharma … We simply have to thank how fortunate we are in this precious human life to travel this wonderful path in the company of such a Precious and Respected Guru. .. Taking refuge in the Guru, Buddha Dharma and Sangha .. I aspire to be reborn in the pure land for the benefit of all sentient beings. May our Guru live long for the benefit of all beings. May all beings find the Nature of Buddha. OM MANI PADME HUM
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  5. Dear Mat Dieu Hang

    I really enjoy reading your article: “The prayer poem by a 81-year-old doctor in India”. It is said that a great teacher is the one who evoke aspiration from the learner and now I am enjoying poem lines from an Indian 81-year-old learner which is full of aspiration on Guru devotion. What make him, a learner who has never met Guru, to have such a great prayer ? I just can explain by the fragrance of virtues, fragrance of wisdom and fragrance of Bodhicitta of our Guru that spread against the wind to that far away land. It is Guru’s wisdom and benevolence that are the source of aspiration for the practitioner to keep up on the path, naturally raising his devotion to Guru and Dharma. How delighted to know a doctor who has overcome all hindrances to grasp the chance of taking the seed of right view from Guru and now that seed has grown up strongly than ever despite old age. Profound feelings of Tantra Nirvadeva has fueled our belief in and devotion to Guru, further treasuring Thanh Tri dharma that he bestows on us.

    I highly appreciate your wonderful translation which brings the chance for us to praise the virtues and merits of Guru.

    May Guru and his consort live long for the sake of all sentient beings
    May Mat Dieu Hang have health and achieve righteous wishes
    May Tantra Nirvadeva have health, diligent in dharma practice and fulfill all righteous wishes
    May Mat Tinh Phap overcome hardship and get successful in the future
    May all sentient beings achieve the happiness of Buddha’s nature
    Om Ah Hum

  6. Tantra Ashihata (Simon Michael) says:
    Dear holy Guru,

    my name is Tantra Ashihata

    I thank you for this wonderful article given to us

    May your day and wisdom increase to the glory of all sentient being

    May we continue to practice right dharma for the purpose of enlightenment.

    May Guru live long for the seek of happiness of all sentient being and may all sentient being free from suffering

    Om mani padme hum.


  7. Mật Thủy says:

    Dear Tantra Nirvadeva,

    I admire your devotion to Guru, who you haven’t seen in person but only through his teachings on I wonder what it is if not the predestination of Guru-disciples many lives before? I remind of Mat Thuong, one of our Guru’s oldest age disciples. She met Guru when she was over 90 and worshiped Guru as the Buddha immediately. Thanks to her pure devotion to Guru, she passed away peacefully with good luck symbols on her funeral. Thank you Tantra Nirvadeva for your beautiful poem offering to Guru, giving us the example of Guru devotion that we should follow.

    Thank you Mat Dieu Hang for your article with a smooth translation of Tantra Nirvadeva’s poem, helping us eliminate the barriers of language.

    May Guru and your consort, Ms Mat Dieu good health and longevity for the benefit of all sentient beings.

    Om mani padme hum!

  8. Dear Tantra Nirvadeva,

    I am so delighted to read your great prayer offering to Guru. I deeply admire you with your devotion toward holy Guru when you just meet him through his articles on, not in person. Despite of staying far away from Guru, you still be close to him. That’s such a wonderful thing, and once more time proves the no-barrier virtue of compassionate holy Guru who are day by day benefiting all sentient beings with Thanh Tri Mind Dharma. You with this beautiful poem give us an impressive reminder about how fortunate we are, and may we all always appreciate as well as nurture the devotion to not wasting this precious chance. Thank you so much.

    Thank you dharma brother Mat Dieu Hang for your smooth translation of Tantra Nirvadeva’s prayer.

    May holy Guru and his consort have a good health and live long for the sake of all sentient beings.

    May sentient beings achieve the happiness of Buddha’s nature.

    Om Mani Padme Hum.

  9. Tantra Mashinaga says:
    Dear Guru,

    Thank you for this article. In this article our fellow dharma brother Tantra Nervadeva praises our holy Guru to be a wise and compassionate man. I agree with Tantts Nervadeva. The Guru has shown himself to have the virtues of the Buddha and I am proud to say I follow such a wonderful Guru.

    May Guru live a long and happy life

    May all beings be free of suffering and attain happiness

    Om Mani Padme Hum

    Tantra Mashinaga (Mark Hamilton)

  10. Mật Khuê Minh says:
    Reverend Guru

    I am so delighted with the hand-writing prayer poem of Tantra Nirvadeva which is full of Guru devotion. I highly appreciate the great translation of Mat Dieu Hang also. Being a follower who is living far away and has never met Guru, the honest and heart-touching poem of Tantra Nirvadeva has proven the fact that “one can be close to Guru though being separated geographically”. A doctor who has ever met lots of masters and lamas but he still devotes his heart and mind to Guru Thinley Nguyen Thanh. This is not only shown by this prayer poem but through many comments on and the sharing of articles on his facebook. This is a lively proof of the Guru’s virtues, wisdom and Bodhicitta whose light of right view has overcome all spaces, times and distances to reach sentient beings in everywhere. Just like a teaching of the Buddha in Dharmapdada sutra:
    “The scent of flowers does not travel against the wind
    But the dharma scent of Buddhist practitioners pervades every place”.

    May Guru and your consort live long for the sake of all sentient beings.
    May Tantra Nirvadeva have health and fulfill all righteous wishes.
    May Mat Dieu Hang achieve all righteous wishes.

    Om mani padme hum


  11. Tantra Pramitdhita (Josh Hacker) says:
    Holy Guru, thank you for sharing Mat Dieu Hang’s article!

    Mat Dieu Hang, thank you for writing this article. You help others and myself daily, whether you know this or not. You are a great friend

    Om Mani Padme Hum

    May Guru and his consort live a long and healthy life for the  sake of all sentient beings

    May all sentient beings find freedom from suffering

  12. paul yawney says:
    Thank you Holy Guru for another wonderful article. they Help me to stay on my path. they give me inspiration.thank you also for my Dharma name . I am humbled and Honoured. OM Mani Padme Hum.  Tantra Himataru.
  13. Tantra Aceptina says:
    Dear holy guru :

    Thank you for this beutifull article. I enjoy it a lot. I really enjoy all your articles but this one was beutifull. Thank you very much.

  14. Tantra Amitara says:
    Dear guru

    I bow my head before your lotus feet. I am thankful for this article.

    Beautifully mentioned guru by tantra Nirwadeva. Guru blessing is spreading in all directions as guru no of learners increasing day by day. Without guru no one will receive anything but we have to work ourselves to clean all defilements. Guru will give proper direction.

    May guru lives long for the well being of all.

    May all sensient being attain enlightenment.

  15. Mật Diệu Hằng says:
    Kính bạch Thầy!

    Con xin phép được dịch comment của đạo hữu Tantra Mashinaga sang tiếng Việt như sau:

    Kính bạch Thầy!

    Con cảm tạ ơn Thầy đã chia sẻ bài viết này. Trong bài viết, huynh Tantra Nirvadeva tán thán công hạnh của vị Thầy tôn kính từ bi và trí tuệ. Con tán đồng với những sự tán thán của huynh ấy. Những hành vi thân ngữ tâm của Thầy thể hiện rõ phẩm chất Như Lai và con tự hào khi nói rằng con được theo chân vị Thầy tuyệt vời như vậy.

    Con cầu nguyện Thầy thân tâm an tịnh, trụ thế lâu dài.

    Cầu nguyện tất cả chúng sanh đoạn trừ khổ đau và đạt được hạnh phúc.

    Om Mani Padme Hum.

    Con – Tantra Mashinaga (Mark Hamilton)


  16. Mật Diệu Hằng says:
    Kính bạch Thầy!

    Con xin phép được dịch comment của đạo hữu Tantra Himataru (Paul Yawney) sang tiếng Việt như sau:

    Kính bạch Thầy!

    Con cảm tạ ơn Thầy đã cho con đọc bài viết này. Bài viết giúp con vững tin trên con đường đã chọn và tạo cảm hứng cho con.

    Con cảm tạ ơn Thầy đã ban pháp danh cho con. Con thật ơn phước và may mắn được Thầy ban pháp danh.

    Om Mani Padme Hum.

    Con – Tantra Himataru.


  17. Mật Diệu Hằng says:

    Kính bạch Thầy!

    Con xin phép được dịch comment của đạo hữu Tantra Amitara sang tiếng Việt như sau:

    Kính bạch Thầy!

    Con xin cúi đầu đảnh lễ dưới chân sen của Thầy.

    Con cảm tạ ơn Thầy đã cho con đọc bài viết này.

    Bài thơ cầu nguyện của huynh Tantra Nirvadeva thật tuyệt vời! Sự gia trì của Đạo sư lan tỏa khắp muôn phương bởi vì số lượng học trò ở Mật gia ngày càng tăng. Không có vị Thầy, không ai đạt được thành tựu gì nhưng khi có vị Thầy chỉ dạy, chúng con cần tinh tấn hành pháp để đoạn trừ khổ đau. Vị Thầy sẽ chỉ dạy chúng con đi đúng hướng.

    Con cầu nguyện Thầy trụ thế lâu dài vì lợi lạc của tất cả chúng sanh.

    Cầu nguyện tất cả chúng sanh đạt được giác ngộ.


  18. Ralph Keating says:
    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful poem.  It captures and expresses the sentiments in our hearts.  I love the caterpillar and butterfly analogy.  I am a caterpillar suffering.  I dream of being the butterfly embodying the path and bringing peace and happiness to all.  Thank you Guru for showing us the way.

    Om Mani Padme Hum

  19. Tantra Sutradaka says:
    Revered Gurujee
    Om Mani Padme Hum
    I bow before your lotus feet
    The hand written emotional poetry of Dr. C. H. Lakshminarayan is
    a pleasant surprise for me. Surprise because it is saturated with the
    devotion of 81 years young Physician. His condensed sublime devotional
    emotions for our Holy Guru, has started oozing out drop after drop on
    the plain paper and has become a historic document. It starts with his
    heartfelt thanks to our Guru and his creation, both mental and
    physical. He is grateful to him for his luminous spirit that showers
    forth on us in terms of his unparalleled preaching and his
    Vimalkirti’s room wherein unlimited number of his devotees can sit
    together all over the globe at a time and take a dip in the spiritual
    ocean of learned articles. It gets enlarged with the growing number of
    Pure Mind Buddhist Scholars and devotees and shrinks with the
    depletion of the number, without adding and subtracting the space
    owing to the number of its members. His devotional words also marvel
    his physical construction, the Gurugram ( The newly constructed
    Tantra House with modernized look and exuberance of the latest
    scientific equipment for the comfort of the devotees coming from all
    over the Globe) as the emblem of benevolent  compassion, because it is
    open for all of his disciples, rich or poor, learned or ignorant.  I
    simply bow before him and salute him for his overwhelming and
    unwavering devotion for Holy Guru that sprinkled on that mortal paper
    drop after drop in a poetic form and made it immortal. It is an ocean
    in a small pot. Whatever you take out of it, it will never exhaust, as
    it connected with the ceaseless source of pure Mind Buddhism.  It is
    ever ending spiritual food offered to our Guru as well as for we
    novice in this field.  We can also taste it, and its flavour and get
    recharged with devotional vigour for the living Bodhisattva of our
    time Revd. Thinley Nguyen, our Guru, who is sitting in Vietnam looking
    all over the world, showering forth the Ambrosia of benediction for
    all of his disciples spread on this planate Earth.
    Om Mani Padme Hum
    Long live our Guru along with his concert for the well-being of many
    and for the pleasure of many
    I again Bow before his lotus Feet
    Avinash Kumat Srivastava


  20. Tantra Najuma says:
    Dearest Guru,

    A most wonderful poem praising our guru. Thank you for sharing.


    It is a beautiful poem highlighting our gurus efforts to transform us all into Buddha’s.


    I’m Mani padme hum.

  21. Tantra siramitra says:

    Venerebol Guru.

    My name is tantra siramitra.

    Very nice article, i like very much the comments shown in the poem, this is purely devotion to the Holly Guru.


    🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹.

  22. Mật Diệu Hằng says:
    Kính bạch Thầy!

    Con xin phép được dịch comment của đạo hữu Tantra Siramitra sang tiếng Việt như sau:

    Kính bạch Thầy tôn quý!

    Con là Tantra Siramitra.

    Bài viết thật hay. Con rất hoan hỷ khi đọc những lời tán thán trong bài thơ. Bài thơ thể hiện sự sùng kính thanh tịnh của người học trò đối với vị Thầy tôn kính.

    Om Mani Padme Hum.


  23. Mật Diệu Hằng says:
    Kính bạch Thầy!

    Con xin phép được dịch comment của đạo hữu Tantra Najuma sang tiếng Việt như sau:

    Kính bạch Thầy tôn quý!

    Bài thơ tuyệt vời nhất tán thán công hạnh của vị Thầy tôn kính mà con được biết. Con cảm tạ ơn Thầy đã cho con đọc bài thơ này, cảm ơn đạo hữu đã viết bài thơ.

    Một bài thơ thật hay, thật đẹp nói lên công hạnh và nỗ lực của vị Thầy tôn kính đã chuyển hóa tâm phàm phu của chúng con thành tâm Phật.

    Om Mani Padme Hum.




  24. Jason Cook says:
    Lovely, thank you for sharing, both to the kind Doctor, and to the teacher whom has shared these beautiful thoughts. Much appreciated.

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