Sep 27, 2018

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THE STORY ON THE TRAIN (Câu chuyện trên xe lửa)

Revered Gurujee Om Mani Padme Hum I bow before you ITA’s Director – Master Thinley Nguyen Thanh For last a few days I am badly busy in some academic/nonacademic works.  It may continue for another two/ three weeks. I am virtually staying at Patna and coming to the college either bus or by train regularly. Yesterday, while coming to Biharsharif for attending my college it was a crowed rail compartment wherein people were talking on religious topics like heaven and hell, God, soul, prayer and worship, etc.  One gentle man out of sudden slapped a question on me, “Sir I know a man who goes to the temple daily, worships there for hours, but his activities are not pious. He is very unkind and cruel. What is your opinion about him?” Spontaneously I said a popular proverb “Near from the temple far from the heaven and vice versa, far from

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