Sep 24, 2015

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THREE STATES OF RIGHT UNDERSTANDING THREE STATES OF RIGHT UNDERSTANDING Right understanding (Samyagdrsti) means the knowledge related to the emancipation purpose. It holds the opposite meaning to heretical views (views of the externalist or non-Buddhist views) which are the reasons to be reborn into Samsara. Therefore, Right understanding is considered as the foundation of wisdom. It is not by chance that Right understanding is ranked as the first place of the Buddhism’s Eightfold Path (eight right ways). Heretical views violation is one of the most serious basic precepts among 18 main ceremonial laws of Tibetan Buddhism’s Bodhi mind. A Buddhist who is lacking of acknowledging the right understanding should know that he/she has been wasting his/her time and effort. They shall hardly build their own enlightened palace no matter how much time they will spend on the purpose. Maintaining, then following and applying the right understanding in the religion life is surely difficult, but it

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