Sep 21, 2017

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TOUCH THE CLOUD? SO DIFFICULT! (Vói tay muốn chạm mây? Khó lắm!)

TOUCH THE CLOUD? SO DIFFICULT! (Vói tay muốn chạm mây? Khó lắm!)   TOUCH THE CLOUD ! SO DIFFICULT ! (Open article) 1/ Topic opening : A female reader entreated me to answer her “whisper” about love – marriage – society. Because of not a question about dharma, it can not be replied. However, due to “Dharma is life” spirit, I answer and advise following Buddhism doesn’t leave from Dharma of life. I have given this link to answer such readers so far… 2/ General recommendation : Rose ([email protected]) 17:02 ( 16 hours ago) to me I am Cat  in Chinese Zodiac. I was born at 7.10pm on the twenty-fourth of May in 1987. I see that my love way has been so difficult. I passed many loves but all is unsuccessful. Recently, I have met an older man who is a 65-year-old dragon. He said love to me. Inspite of richness, he had got many women before. I do not what

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