Oct 23, 2017

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VOICE OF “VONG CO” IN THE MIDDLE OF HA LONG CITY (Giữa Hạ Long nghe giọng ca vọng cổ)

VOICE OF “VONG CO” IN THE MIDDLE OF HA LONG CITY *VONG CO: A VIETNAMESE TRADITIONAL MUSIC GENRE enjoying local cuisine in a street stall While enjoying local cuisine in a street stall, I was so startled that a voice of Vong Co has come to my ears. In the middle of a northern city, it is a blessing to hear this music genre. The voice is so mellow that I was completely floored. I could not define the voice was originally from Le Thuy, My Chau or Ngoc Huyen. The only obvious thing that I was able to assure at that time is the voice was absolutely amazing. The most surprised fact was that the singer was not a southern person but a northern one. I was able to realize that by their conversation which was hundred percent indigenous. For many fans of this genre of traditional music including

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