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On the occasion of an incident in Cao Linh temple, Hai Phong City:
Although the incident in which Monk Thich Giac Nghien was accused falsely has been solved by Hai Phong Police, the abbot of Cao Linh pagoda somehow suffered a bad reputation. In this situation, we should bear some questions in mind:
1. According to the Buddha’s teaching that said “There is no need to claim for the injustice because that is an illustration of cowardice and resent which could not be solved”, then why did a monk submit a denouncement as an “emergent call for help”?
2. The abbot pointed out the truth about some individuals in the monastic communities of monks in Hai Phong who committed evil doings. Thanks to his act, the police started an investigation and discovered the criminals and their schemes; therefore they were judged and placed in prison due to the law. Could it be that Monk Thich Giac Nghien did not practice compassion to other sentient beings who planned to harm him as the Buddha had done?
3. Getting to know that he submitted a denouncement, many Buddhist practitioners blamed Abbot Thich Giac Nghien for holding too much hatred and anger than expectation from a Buddhist monk. Furthermore, Buddhist discipline for monks specified that it is prohibited to file a lawsuit.
After three years of suffering, was Monk Thich Giac Nghien’s act just an expression of mundane mind which originated from hatred and anger; thereafter those motives motivated him to submit a report to the police? He is the only one who knows the exact answer. However, the situation in which one is fighting for the purpose of protecting Dharma is presented by Vajrayana Buddhism commandments as following: the Bodhicitta vow No. 15/46, one of supplementary mistakes among 94 commandments is NOT STAY AWAY FROM DISREPUTATION. It means the Buddhist practitioners must avoid disreputation by not sowing bad seeds. However, if the bad consequences are already represented then it is a must for both the practitioners and communities of practitioners to reflect on the extent to find a proper solution (ultimate truth or earthy truth). Besides, the Bodhicitta vow number 45/46, one of supplementary mistakes among 94 commandments is NOT USING WRATHFUL METHOD WHEN IT IS NECESSARY.
Therefore, Monk Thich Giac Nghien’s act of fighting does not fall out of the right Dharma orbit. Tsongkhapa, the founder of Gelug lineage, a school of Tibetan Buddhism once taught in “The basic path to Awakening, The complete Bodhisattva” that “Making other beings suffer for the purpose of their own enlightenment is a right thing to do, and we should not do the opposite”. Furthermore, compassion comes along with wisdom, fighting against wrong views and spreading right views are two aspects of Bodhisattva’s cultivation, why should one suffer an insult and keep enduring in such cases? Otherwise, the criminals would keep creating evil karmas and accumulating their guilt. Therefore, as an act of compassion, the Buddhist practitioners should cope with them directly. Otherwise, endurance has the same meaning with evil doings. All the letters, emails, articles that Song Nguyen Tantra House has sent to mass media agencies, or the authorities do not fall out the right track of Dharma; even they were all presented in extremely sharp and strong arguments.
Hatred and Anger are psychological features of human beings and animals, even inhuman beings (demons, asuras); and those features remain permanently until one achieves enlightenment (Srotapanna or Pramudita). Anyone that keeps nurturing hatred and anger carries a wrathful spirit in mind which results in a fierce face even if they try to act gently. It is illustrated through their surrounding light and impossible to hide the Buddhist practitioners who have divine eyes (Divyavaksus) or beings with profound wisdom. Wrathful spirit usually brings disadvantages to human beings and inhuman beings because it is more difficult for them to control their body, mind and speech motives. Therefore, Lao Tzu once taught “It is best for the talent not to be revealed. It is best for the mind not to be narrow-minded. It is best for the temperament not to be aggressive”.
It not only takes a long time, but an extraordinarily long time if one waits until attaining enlightenment for a proper elimination of greed, hatred and anger; especially in the Dharma Ending Age! Fortunately, Vajrayana Buddhism has a method which transfers five kysaya periods of turbidity into five kinds of wisdom. Among them, the hatred and anger are transformed into the wisdom of “investigative awareness”. Of course, the operation of body mind and speech must follow the right orbit of Dharma. I happened to recall two verses written by Nguyen Dinh Chieu which represented patriotism and being admired by the descendants.
“The boat of morality can carry as many knights as possible without being full
The pen of fighting can thrust as many evildoers as possible without being dull”
If there is someone foolish enough to conclude that Nguyen Dinh Chieu was just a person full of hatred, that person should try to think about the contradiction between the guilty of killing which is considered the ultimate evil karma and the mighty acts of those brave soldiers who killed the enemies in the battle. Is it right to underestimate those soldiers’ act of hatred? The police fired the gun at a dangerous criminal, is it wrong? The commandos gunned a terrorist who kidnapped many hostages, who said he did it because of hatred?
The precursor of Gautama Buddha was a sea captain. He used to kill one bandit in order to capture many others’ lives on board. Padmasambhava, the founder of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, used to kill evil Bon practitioners, won over Rakshas (a terrifying demon with black body, red hair and green eyes), was he also full of hatred and anger? Those are actually means to teach and convert beings which are generally called WRATHFUL METHOD. Their behaviors are illustrated as part of the wisdom of investigative awareness. Similarly, we all know that Milarepa used to be beaten, verbally abused and tortured mercilessly by Marpa Lotsawa; if Marpa was just a master overwhelmed with hatred and anger, how could he educate such a brilliant disciple who achieved full enlightenment within one life?
People who shared the same mindset with Long may wonder whether it is reasonable for someone who is not a Buddhist ancestor, holy saints, or enlightened ones, to dare to do the same? This is not a right logic. The Buddhist practitioners should keep in mind that paying hatred and anger at the right time is a chance to accumulate merits, because the purpose is FIGHTING AGAINST WRONG VIEW. Paying hatred to the evil monks who are about to harm sentient beings by revealing their wrongdoings that went against the Buddha’s teachings, in order to stop many victims from being captured in their traps and fell into lower realms. Is it worth it? Paying hatred to the evil monks who are hypocrisies, to those who took advantage of their positions (Bodhicitta vow number 45/46 about supplementary mistake), is it worth it? In that case, the Buddhist practitioners’ hatred and anger illustrate the right Dharma courage. It is opposite to those who flattered their students, disciples and almsgivers as a means to satisfy their own purpose, to make their own livings.
Recently Mat Tue Thanh confided that he unexpectedly listened to one lecture from an abbot who paid sarcastic comments about another abbot who used abusive speech to the disciple. The abbot criticized that it was definitely not the right behavior in terms of Buddhist’s virtue. According to him, a Buddhist practitioner, especially a monk, must behave gently and speak softly with loving speech, act humbly, etc. However, we must acknowledge the root of mind which may originate from the compassion (Dharma mind) or from the grudge, egoistic, or narrow-minded ones (mortal mind) before judging a Buddhist practitioner’s virtue. Padmasambhava once taught that “The wise ones are presented themselves in uncertain appearance (gentle or wrathful), on the contrary, those low-minded ones who are experts in cheating are hypocrisies, under the cloak of Buddhist practitioners. Do not mistake trash with gold”. One of the views that Wanko Yeshe Norbu mentioned in “128 evil and erroneous views” was “The view that using the Vajra voice to expound Dharma and eliminate karmic hindrances is not compassionate”. I know some monks whose speeches are as sweet as sugar cane, but they used that sweetness to lure female disciples, those scandals were published in both online and paper magazines.
Back to the discussion of hatred and anger, wrathful spirit and wrathful method which were sneered and criticized by the above abbot, if he himself engaged in a conflict of interest, how would he behave? He could have behaved fiercer, however, when he was in a calm situation and did not put himself in others’ shoes, he lectured others shamelessly. Moreover, such judgement is untrustworthy as it derives from a sort of person who had not experienced, or those so-called “the frog under the coconut shell”. They did not have any clue about the nature of things and phenomena, meanwhile they fell into one of the fourteen grievous mistakes of a Buddhist practitioner that Gampopa had advised. Dear Abbot, it is not important whether the cats are black or white, as long as they are able to catch the mice. Likewise to the Dharma teachers, abbots, masters, it is not important whether they behave softly or roughly, less or much hatred and anger, as long as they are leading their disciples in the right path of Dharma, in order to help the disciples achieve the Buddhahood, attain the Pure Land and prevent the disciples keep implementing wrong practices such as sundry practices, charities, casting statues, building temples just to satisfy the abbot’s ego and fame. Dear Abbot, the hatred and anger that are against the disciples’ laziness (in practicing Dharma), their disrespect and disobey to the Buddha, Buddhist teachings, etc. is totally different to the hatred and anger towards students, disciples and almsgivers because they did not offer more money, or they did not make a bank transfer as early as expected to build the temples or proceed “Dharma works”, or the struggle over not being invited to intone sutras in their personal events but others were indeed…
Those hatred and anger, which will be led to wrathful methods are made to help the sentient beings purify their karmic hindrances, force them to stop the evil karma. It is made with “WISE ATTENTION” (yoniso manasikāra), not “UNWISE ATTENTION”. On the other hand, a Buddhist practitioner’s virtue cannot be judged by subtle elements which are just psychological features; because fake monks are professional copycats. It should be based on the quintessential elements including Bodhicitta, Renunciation and Emptiness which are represented through the action of body, mind and speech. In conclusion, I would like to affirm that “The boat of morality can carry as many knights as possible without being full. The pen of fighting can thrust as many evildoers as possible without being dull”. That is my spirit of hatred and anger! I accepted to be judged as a mundane, however, my ultimate purpose is to fight against the wrong view and spread the right view. I pray for all the hatred and angry thoughts of sentient beings to be transferred into the wisdom of “investigative awareness”!
Phuoc Thanh Village, 21 December 2015.
Thinley Nguyen Thanh.
Translated by Mat Tu.

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    I thank you Guru for giving us a beneficial teaching so that we understand “what are hatred and anger wrathful spirit and wrathful method”. I understand that the anger, the mere hatred of sentient beings are just negative emotions, but for a true Buddhist practitioner, you will know how to turn that mundane emotion into “investigation wisdom” for benefit Beings when they dare to expose the ugly faces, the guilt hidden behind the yellow robes, their heads shaved and their mouths are always saying good things, never getting angry, but in their mind is a demon religious guise With ignorance, short-sighted thinking, for sentient beings of Bodhicitta, compassion only stops at the gentle appearance, does not know how to get angry, knows how to comfort and motivate the benefactor, do charity work, offer stars not even thinking more deeply when anger and hatred are put in the right place will eliminate bad karma to benefit sentient beings. I thank the Guru for always transforming our emotions to suit each of our demonic students so that we can receive diamond criticism to help us awaken our passions as well as create we have the opportunity to follow the example of the Guru repel wrong views.
    May the Guru have good health anh live long for the sake of all sentient beings. May sentient beings achieve the happiness of Buddha’s nature.
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    Con rất hoan hỉ với công hạnh luận giải của vị Thầy , qua bài con cứ suy ngẫm mải và con hiểu được rằng vị Thầy luôn từ bi với tất cả chúng con vì muốn chúng con được tịnh hóa nghiệp chướng mà chúng con đã tạo ra nhiều kíp trước con cũng bị Thầy bộ pháp nhiều lần con rất sợ những qua cơn sợ thì con suy nghĩ lại thì con quá ơn phước khi được Thầy để tâm và được tiêu trừ nghiệp chướng dần dần con cảm tạ ơn Thầy . Con cầu nguyện cầu nguyện sức khỏe và sự trường thọ của vị Thầy vì lợi lạc của chúng sanh con cầu nguyện cho vi khuẩn corona xóm ngày được tiêu trừ Om Ah Hùm.

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    Con đã đọc bài viết này rồi ạ. Con vô cùng hoan hỷ và hãnh diện khi được làm học trò của vị Thầy luôn sẵn sàng dùng sức mạnh của ngòi bút giúp đả tà xây chánh, có những bài đối luận sắc bén để dằn mặt những kẻ cũng dùng ngòi bút nhưng lại gây nguy hại đến chúng sanh. Tinh thần căm phẫn của vị Thầy là hoàn toàn cao thượng và nhận được sự đồng thuận của các học trò.
    Con cầu nguyện cho vị Thầy sức khoẻ trụ thế lâu dài vì lợi lạc chúng sanh.
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