Apr 20, 2018

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WHAT IS THE PROPER WAY OF INTERPRETATION OF THE BUDDHA’S TEACHING? (Cần hiểu đúng lời Phật dạy trên cơ sở chánh lý nào?)

Revered Guru Jee Om Mani Padme Hum Tantra Sutradaka and Hum – Guru’s cat For last many days I could not read the letters sent by my friend because I am bereaved of my smart mobile, as I lost it while travelling from Patna to Biharsharif. In fact, that helped me to connect the net and be aware of my friend’s activities, world news and very many things and specially the lessons from my Guru. I used the internet connection of my college but my duties toward my students did not allow me to use it for good length of time. This made me restless too as I was not reading Guru’s letter and commenting on that. On Friday I received a call from my wife. She asked me to come to Patna as she had arrived there in the morning. It was boon in disguise for me for three

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