Aug 31, 2015

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Today, people think Yoga is a system of physical exercise to have good health. This is external Yoga called Hatha Yoga. Yoga in Indian traditions, however, is more than physical exercise; it has a meditative and spiritual core.

It is very interesting when we study about the original meaning of Yoga. Yoga means “unifying action of body, speech and mind”. So, if any Yoga Guru does not teach fully three mentioned aspects, his disciples cannot attain the enlightenment,  regarding as the lack of leg stirrup, we cannot put the pot on it to cook dish. With the good condition, I clarify this kind of Yoga, called Tibetan Yoga and it is called Tibetan Tantra translated by Chinese.

Marpa Lotsawa

“Tantra” does not mean “secret”, because the purpose of Buddhist teachings is popular for all sentient beings to practice for enlightenment. The root of the word “tantra” means to stretch or to continue without interruption from generation to generation, from the beginning to the end. However, Tibetan Tantric is really too delicate, complex in the activities of “actions of body, speech and mind”; thus, it is impossible even to enter the graduated path to enlightenment, let alone get supreme happiness of nirvana.

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